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  • A Drum kit consists these basic types shown below. but a drummer can also add different types of accessories.

    1. Bass drum


    The bass drum has a deep sound like a bass. its often the most important sound of a standard rhythm

    2. Floor Tom


    The floor tom is a separate drum that stands vertical on the ground. It has a deep and loud sound but not as deep as the bass drum.

    3. Snare drum


    The snare drum can be played, with or without snare. snare is a strand of snares made of curled metal wire. when you are using the snares it makes a lighter and a noise like a lot of small metal balls getting shaked.

    4. Tom-Tom


    The tom-toms are attached to the bass drum and often has a deeper sound then the snare drum but lighter then the floor tom. You can get a series of different tom-toms from very light sound to very deep sound. but you can never get one as deep as the floor tom.

    5. Hi-Hat


    The hi-hat consists of two cymbals that are mounted on a stand, one on top of the other, and clashed together using a pedal on the stand.

    6. Ride Cymbal


    The ride cymbal is a more loud version of an open hi-hat since it is bigger, it has a more ringing and continuous noise is often placed right above the floor tom. The ride cymbal can fulfil any function or rhythm that the hi-hat does