Artist Title Release Year
ABBA The Complete Studio Recordings 2006
Ache De Homine Urbano & Green Man 1970
Adams, Ryan Rock N Roll 2003
Adams, Ryan 29 2005
Afro Cuban All Stars A Toda Cuba le Custa 1999
Allman Brothers Band, The Live at Fillmore East 1971
Alrune Rod Sonet årene 1969-72 1998
Anderson, Benny+Tim Rice+Bjørn Ulvaeus Chess 1984
Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile 1973
Beatles, The The Early Tapes Of 1961
Beatles, The EP Collection  1962
Beatles, The with the beatles 1963
Beatles, The A hard day's night 1964
Beatles, The Beatles for sale 1964
Beatles, The Rubber soul 1965
Beatles, The HELP 1965
Beatles, The Revolver 1966
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour 1967
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Harts Club Band 1967
Beatles, The White album 1968
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine 1969
Beatles, The Abbey road 1969
Beatles, The Let It Be 1970
Beatles, The Live At The BBC 1994
Beatles, The Anthology 1 1995
Beatles, The Anthology 2 1996
Beatles, The Anthology 3 1996
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine Soundtrack 1999
Beatles, The One (27 No.1 Singles) 2000
Beatles, The Let it Be... Naked 2003
Beatles, The Love 2006
Beatles, The Past Masters 2009
Beck, Jeff Blow by blow 1975
Beck, Jeff Guitar Shop 1989
Beethoven  EROICA 1990
Bifrost Til en sigøjner 1977
Bifrost Bifrosts bedste 1981
Bifrost Hjerter til salg 1997
Bifrost Kassen & Hjertet/En tro kopi  
Bifrost Vand jeg kan gå på  
Big Fat Snake More Fire 2004
Big Fat Snake The Box 2005
Big Fat Snake One Night of sin  
Blues Band, Low Budget Low Budget Blues Band 1998
Blues Brothers, The Soundtrack  1980
Bolin, Tommy The Ultimate  1989
Bowie, David Honky Dory 1971
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust 1972
Bowie, David Young Americans 1991
Bowie, David Hours 1999
Bowie, David The Man who Sold the World 1999
Bowie, David Stage 2005
Brickell, Edie Picture Perfect Morning 1994
Brightman, Sarah Dive 1993
Brüel & Kjær Test CD 1988
Brüel & Kjær Sound Tailor 1996
Buchanan, Roy Secret love 1995
Bush Kate Lionheart & The Dreaming 1983
Bush Kate Hounds of love 1985
Bush Kate The Red Shoes 1993
Bush Kate Aerial 2005
Byrds, The There is a Season 2006
Cale, J.J. Really 1972
Cale, J.J. Troubadour 1976
Cale, J.J. Grasshopper 1982
Cale, J.J. Travel Log 1989
Cale, J.J. Number 10 1992
Cale, J.J. Closer To You 1994
Cale, J.J. Guitar Man 1996
Cale, J.J. Classic JJ Cale 1999
Cale, J.J. J.J.Cale LIVE 2001
Cale, J.J. To TULSA and Back 2004
Cale, J.J. Rewind 2007
Carnes, Kim Bette Davis Eyes 1996
Carpenters Carpenters 1971
Carpenters Now a& Then 1973
Chapman Tracy Crossroads 1989
Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler Neck and Neck 1990
Chicago Chicago 2001
Chicago Beginnings 2003
Clapton, Eric Eric Clapton 1970
Clapton, Eric Layla and other assorted love songs 1970
Clapton, Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard 1974
Clapton, Eric E.C. was here 1975
Clapton, Eric No reason to cry 1976
Clapton, Eric Slowhand 1977
Clapton, Eric BACKLESS 1978
Clapton, Eric Another Ticket 1981
Clapton, Eric Behind The Sun 1985
Clapton, Eric August 1986
Clapton, Eric Journeyman 1989
Clapton, Eric Homeboy (Soundtrack f.) 1989
Clapton, Eric 24 Nights 1991
Clapton, Eric Rush (Soundtrack f.) 1991
Clapton, Eric Unplugged 1992
Clapton, Eric Stages 1993
Clapton, Eric From The Cradle 1994
Clapton, Eric The Cream Of Clapton 1994
Clapton, Eric Rainbow Concert 1995
Clapton, Eric Change The World 1996
Clapton, Eric Pilgrim 1998
Clapton, Eric Blues 1999
Clapton, Eric Clapton chronicles 1999
Clapton, Eric Reptile 2001
Clapton, Eric Me and Mr. Johnson 2004
Clapton, Eric Sessions for Robert J. 2004
Clapton, Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard Deluxe Edition 2004
Clapton, Eric Back Home 2005
Clapton, Eric The Early Years  
Clapton, Eric & B.B.King Riding with the king 2000
Clapton, Eric & The Yardbirds Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds 2005
Cocker, Joe With a little Help from my friends 1969
Cocker, Joe Mad Doggs & Englishmen 1999
Cray, Robert Shame + a Sin 1993
Cray, Robert Take your shoes off 1999
Cream Fresh Cream 1966
Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy and the poor boys 1969
Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum 1971
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmos Factory 1983
Creedence Clearwater Revival Super 2 1997
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Bayou country 1969
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Mardi Grass 1972
Creedence Clearwater Revival  The concert for bangla desh 1980
Creedence Clearwater Revival    1987
Cross, Billy Life is good 2004
Cross, Billy So far so good 2009
Culture Club The Best of 1989
Deep purple Deep purple in rock, anniversary edit 1970
Deep purple Who do we think we are 1973
Deep purple The battle rages on 1993
Deep purple The Family & Friends Album 2006
Delta Blues Band Rave on 1979
Delta Blues Band Blues Man 1995
Delta Cross Band Tough Times 1990
Dire Straits Dire Straits 1978
Dire Straits Live at the BBC 1978
Dire Straits Making Movies 1980
Dire Straits Love Over Gold 1982
Dire Straits On The Night 1993
Donovan Sunshine Superman 1996
Doobie Brothers The Doobie Brothers 1971
Doors, The The Doors 1967
Doors, The Waiting for the sun 1968
Doors, The Morrison hotel 1970
Doors, The L.A.Woman 1971
Doors, The The soft parade 1975
Doors, The An american prayer 1978
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline 1963
Dylan, Bob Highway 61 revisited 1965
Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding 1967
Dylan, Bob Selfportrait 1970
Dylan, Bob Blood on the tracks 1974
Dylan, Bob Time Out of mind 1987
Dylan, Bob The Freewheelin' 2003
Dylan, Bob Modern Times 2006
Dylan, Bob Together Through Life 2009
Dylan, Bob Subterrean Homesick Blues 1967
Eagles Eagles 1972
Eagles Desperado 1973
Eagles Eagle on the border 1974
Eagles One of these nights 1975
Eagles One of these nights 1975
Eagles Hotel California 1976
Eagles The long run 1979
Eagles Hell freezes over 1994
Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden 2007
Earth, Wind & Fire That's the way of the world 1975
Earth, Wind & Fire All 'n all 1977
Earth, Wind & Fire The Best Of  (vol 1.) 1978
Earth, Wind & Fire I AM 1979
Earth, Wind & Fire The Promise 2003
Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado, a symphonie by  1974
Electric Light Orchestra Face the Music 1975
Electric Light Orchestra Discovery 1979
Electric Light Orchestra Time 1981
Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages 1983
Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer 1970
Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition 1971
Emerson Lake & Palmer Trilogy 1972
Emerson Lake & Palmer Welcome back my fiends.... 1974
Emerson Lake & Palmer Love Beach 1978
Eurythmics Revenge 1986
Eurythmics We too are one 1989
Everybody's Talking Taklk of Town 2007
Fagen, Donald Kamakiriad 1993
Feat, Little Feats don't fail me now 1974
Feat, Little The last record album 1975
Feat, Little Down on the farm 1979
Feliciano, Jose Light my fire 1997
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac 1968
Fleetwood Mac The pious bird of good omen 1969
Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees 1972
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977
Fleetwood Mac Tusk 1979
Fleetwood Mac Mirage 1982
Fleetwood Mac Tango in the night 1987
Fleetwood Mac Behind the mask 1990
Fleetwood Mac The Chain, Selections from 25 years 1992
Fleetwood Mac Time 1995
Fleetwood Mac Mr. Wonderful 1996
Fleetwood Mac The Dance 1997
Fleetwood Mac Jumping at shadows, the blues years 2002
Fleetwood Mac Say you will 2003
Floyd, Pink Music from the film MORE 1969
Floyd, Pink Atom Heart Mother 1970
Floyd, Pink Obscured By Clouds 1972
Floyd, Pink Dark Side Of The Moon 1973
Floyd, Pink Animals 1977
Floyd, Pink The Wall 1979
Floyd, Pink the final cut 1983
Floyd, Pink A momentary laps of reason 1987
Floyd, Pink Delicate sound of thunder 1988
Floyd, Pink The Division Bell 1994
Floyd, Pink PULSE 1995
Floyd, Pink Relics 1995
Floyd, Pink A saucerful of secrets 1994
Fogerty, John The blue ridge rangers 1973
Fogerty, John Centerfield 1985
Fogerty, John Blue moon swamp 1997
Fogerty, John Revival 2007
Ford, Robben The Inside Story 1979
Ford, Robben Handful of blues 1995
Gasolin' The black Box 2003
gees, Bee Spick & speck  
Gentle Giant Experience 2001
Glover, Roger Butterfly Ball 1974
Grieg Peer Gynt Suites 1& 2  
Guy, Buddy Left My Blues In San Francisco 1967
Guy, Buddy Buddy's Blues 1979-82 1979
Guy, Buddy Damn Right, I've Got The Blues 1991
Guy, Buddy The Great 1993
Guy, Buddy Buddy's Blues  1997
Guy, Buddy The Collection 2000
Harrison, George The concert for bangla desh 1971
Harrison, George Extra texture 1975
Harrison, George Somewhere in England 1981
Harrison, George Cloud Nine 1987
Harrison, George Dark horse 1997
Harrison, George All things must pass, remastered 2001
Harrison, George Brainwashed 2002
Healey Band, The Jeff See the light 1988
Healey Band, The Jeff Hell To Pay 1990
Healey Band, The Jeff Feel This 1992
Healey Band, The Jeff Cover to cover 1995
Healey Band, The Jeff Get me some 2000
Hellcasters Hell III New Axes To Grind 1997
Hendrix, Jimi AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE 1967
Hendrix, Jimi Electric ladyland 1968
Hendrix, Jimi The ultimate experience 1992
Henley, Don I Can't stand still 1982
Herman Hermits Original Gold 1998
Herman Hermits The very best 2000
Hillbillies, The Notting Missing...Presumed Having 1990
Ibrahim Ferrer Ibrahim Ferrer ?
Jackson, Michael BAD 1987
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 1991
Jethro Tull Stand Up 1969
Jethro Tull Benefit 1970
Jethro Tull Aqualung 1971
Jethro Tull Thick as a brick 1972
Jethro Tull Living in the past 1972
Jethro Tull Songs from the wood 1977
Jethro Tull Stormwatch 1979
Jethro Tull A 1980
Jethro Tull Rock Iland 1989
Jethro Tull A little light Music 1992
Jethro Tull J-tull 1999
Jethro Tull War Child 2002
Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery 2002
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses 2003
Jethro Tull Crest of a knave 2005
Jethro Tull This Was 2001
Joel, Billy River of dreams 1993
John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973
John, Elton Don't shoot me 1973
John, Elton Captain Fantastic 1975
John, Elton Songs from the west coast 2001
John, Elton Peachtree Road 2004
John, Elton The Captain & The Kid 2006
Johnson, Robert King of the delta blues singers 1961
Jones, Spike & His City Slickers Radio Days 1942
Jonny Lang & The big bang Smokin' 2002
Jørgensen, CV Tidens tern 1980
Jørgensen, CV Ledigang a go go 1982
Jørgensen, CV Vild i varmen 1988
Jørgensen, CV Solgt til Stanglakrids  
Jørgensen, CV Storbyens små oaser  
Kaiser, Glenn Spontaneous combustion 1994
King, Albert & Otis Rush Door to door 1998
King, B.B Indianola Mississippi Seeds 1970
King, B.B B.B. Boogie 1989
King, Freddie Stain' home with the blues 1977
Knopfler, Mark Golden Heart 1996
Knopfler, Mark Music from the film CAL 1997
Knopfler, Mark Sailing to Philadelphia 2000
Knopfler, Mark The Ragpicker's Dream 2002
Knopfler, Mark Shangri-la 2004
Korner, Alexis Got My Mojo Working 1994
Krag-Jacobsen, Søren Hinkeruder på motorvejen 1975
Krawitz, Lenny Mama Said 1991
Krawitz, Lenny Are you gonne go my way 1993
Krawitz, Lenny Where are we running 2004
Lee, Alvin Zoom 1992
Lennon, John Plastic ono band 1970
Lennon, John Anthology 1998
Lennon, Julian Valotte 1984
Lennon, Julian Mr. Jordan 1989
Lennon, Julian Help Yourself 1991
Lewis, Huey and the News Small World 1988
Lewis, Huey and the News The Only one 1997
Lofgren, Nils Damaged Goods 1995
Lynne, Jeff Armchair Theatre 1990
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris All the roadrunning 2006
Mayer, John Heavier Things 2003
McCartney, Paul Tug Of War 1982
McCartney, Paul Press To Play 1986
McCartney, Paul CHOBA b CCP 1988
McCartney, Paul Unplugged 1991
McCartney, Paul Off The Ground 1993
McCartney, Paul Flaming pie 1997
McCartney, Paul Run Devil Run 1999
McCartney, Paul Driving Rain 2001
McCartney, Paul Chaos and Creation in the Backyard 2005
McCartney, Paul Memory almost full 2007
McCartney, Paul  & Wings McCartney 1970
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Wings Wild Life 1971
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Ram 1971
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Red Rose Speedway 1973
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Band On The Run 1973
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Wings at the speed of sound 1976
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Back To The Egg 1979
McCartney, Paul  & Wings Flowers in the dirt 1989
McCoy, Charlie Another side of 1994
McLean, Don American Pie, The best of 1994
Meat Loaf Bat out of hell II 1993
Mercury, Freddie The Freddie Mercury Album 1992
Mike & The Mechanics Mike & The Mechanics 1985
Mike & The Mechanics Living Years 1988
Mike & The Mechanics Word of mouth 1991
Mike & The Mechanics Beggar on a beach of gold 1995
Mike & The Mechanics Mike & The Mechanics 1999
Miller Band, The Steve Fly like an eagle 1976
Miller Band, The Steve Circle of love 1981
Miller Band, The Steve abracadabra 1982
Miller Band, The Steve Italian X rays 1984
Miller Band, The Steve Wide river 1993
Miss B´Haven Nobodys Angel 1990
Moody Blues, The Days of future passed 1967
Moody Blues, The On the threshould of a dream 1969
Moonjam Saxophone songs II 1997
Moore, Gary Dirty Fingers 1987
Moore, Gary Ballads & Blues 1982-1994 1994
Morrison, Jim An American Prayer 1995
Morrison, Van Inarticulate speech of the heart 1983
Nail, Jimmy Crocodile Shoes 1994
Nilsson, Harry Everybody's talkin' 1997
No Hard Feelingz Bluesband Live Kruttønden 1995 1997
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells 1973
Oldfield, Mike Five Miles Out 1982
Oldfield, Mike Crises 1983
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells 2  1992
Oldfield, Mike Elements, the best of 1993
Orbison, Roy I'm Still in love with you 2002
Pat Metheny Group Imaginary Day 1997
Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever 1989
Plant, Robert The Principle Of Moments 1983
Plant, Robert Now and zen 1988
Plant, Robert Fate of nations 1993
Popa Chubby One Night Live In New York City 1999
Powell, Cozy The Drums Are Back 1992
Procol Harum A wither shade of pale 2001
Queen A day at the races 1973
Queen A night at the opera 1974
Queen Queen II 1974
Queen Flash Gordon 1980
Queen A kind of magic 1988
Queen The Miracle 1989
Queen Innuendo 1991
Queen The Game 1994
Queen Hot Space 1994
Queen The Works 1994
Queen Jazz 1994
Queen Made in heaven 1995
Quo, Status blue for you 1974
Quo, Status In The Army Now 1986
Quo, Status Ice On The Sun 1991
R.E.M Green 1988
R.E.M Out of time 1991
R.E.M Automatic for the people 1992
R.E.M New adventures in HI-FI 1996
R.E.M Around the sun 2004
R.E.M Accelerate  
Ravel, Maurice, George Bizet Bolero  
Red Squares People get ready  
Redding, Otis The Very Best 1992
Redding, Otis Love Songs 1998
Reed, Lou Transformer 1972
Reed, Lou Rock n Roll Animal 1973
Reinhart, Django Guitar Swing 1996
Ritenour, Lee Feel the night 1979
Ritenour, Lee Portrait 1987
Roxette CRASH!BOOM!BANG! 1994
Roxy Music Roxy Music 1972
Ruff Band, Michael Michael Ruff Band 1992
Rutherford, Mike Smallcreps Day 1989
Ry Cooder Buena Vista Social Club 1999
Salomonsen, Sanne Where Blues Begins 1991
Santana Santana 1969
Santana Abraxas 1970
Santana Amigos 1976
Santana Marathon 1979
Santana Zebop! 1981
Santana Supernatural 1999
Santana Acapulco Sunrise 1999
Santana Shaman 2002
Santana All that I Am 2005
Satriani, Joe Flying In A Blue Dream 1989
Satriani, Joe Time Machine 1993
Satriani, Joe Crystal Planet 1998
Sebastian Trubadurens Aften 2004
Sebastian Skatteøen  
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water 1970
Simon, Paul There goes rhymin' Simon 1973
Simon, Paul You're The One 2000
Simon, Paul Surprise 2006
Sko & Torp On A Long Lonely Night 1990
Skovsen & Ingemann Herfra hvor vi står 1971
Springsteen, Bruce In concert / MTV Plugged 1992
Springsteen, Bruce Devils & Dust 2005
Springsteen, Bruce We Shall Overcome 2006
Springsteen, Bruce Magic 2007
Springsteen, Bruce Greatest Hits 2009 Limited Tour Edition 2009
Starr Ringo Time Takes Time 1992
Starr Ringo Never without you 2003
Starr Ringo The Anthology...So Far 2002
Steppenwolf 7 1970
Steppenwolf Monster 1970
Steppenwolf Live 1971
Steppenwolf Second 1971
Steppenwolf Slow Flux 1974
Steppenwolf Hour of the wolf 1975
Steppenwolf Skullduggery 1976
Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild 1980
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel The Cream of  1999
Stevens, Cat Teaser and the firecat 1970
Stevens, Cat Tea for the tillerman 1970
Stigers, Curtis Curtis Stigers 1991
Sting The living Sea 1995
Stones, The Rolling Goats head soup 1973
Stones, The Rolling It's only Rock'n Roll 1974
Stones, The Rolling Some Girls 1978
Stones, The Rolling Tattoo you 1981
Stones, The Rolling Steel Wheels 1989
Stones, The Rolling Flashpoint 1991
Stones, The Rolling Bridges to Babylon 1997
Stones, The Rolling Let it bleed 2002
Stones, The Rolling STILL LIFE 1982
Strong, Andrew Out of time 2000
Stærk, Henning Dreams to remember 1989
Stærk, Henning Hard to handle 1991
Stærk, Henning Smalltown Saturday night 1992
Supertramp Even in the quietest moments 1977
Supertramp Breakfast in America 1979
Supertramp Some Things Never Change 1997
Ten Years After Ssssh. 1969
Ten Years After Ten Years After Recorded Live 1973
Ten Years After About time 1989
Ten Years After Stonehenge 2002
TV2 De første kærester på månen 2005
Uria Heep Live 1973
Uria Heep The Collection 1989
Vanelli, Gino These are the days 2006
Vaughan Brothers Family Style 1980
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Soul to soul 1985
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Livealive 1986
Vaughan, Stevie Ray A tribute to 1996
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Texas Flood 1999
Vega Suzanne Days Of Open Hand 1990
Velvet Underground, The The velvet Underground & Nico 1967
Verheyen, Carl Slang justice 1996
Viskinde, Peter Boxer 2007
Waits, Tom Closing time 1973
Waits, Tom The Heart of Saturday Night 1974
Waits, Tom Nighthawks at the diner 1975
Waits, Tom Small Change 1976
Waits, Tom Blue Valentine 1978
Waits, Tom Asylum Years 1986
Waits, Tom Mule variations 1999
Waits, Tom Orphans:Brawler, Bawlers & Bastards 2006
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Evita 1976
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Cats 1981
Webber, Andrew Lloyd The phantom of the opera 1987
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Evita m/Madonna 1996
Wilburys, The Traveling NO 3. 1990
Wilburys, The Traveling Collection 2007
Willis, Bruce Classic 1999
Wonder, Stevie Innervisions 1973
Wonder, Stevie Songs in the key of life 1976
Wonder, Stevie Hotter Than July 1980
Yes Relayer 1974
Yes 90125 1983
Yes BIG Generator 1987
Young Flowers 1968-1969 1968
Zappa, Frank Shut up'n play yer guitar 1981
Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin, Led 1971
Zeppelin, Led CODA 1982

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